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Discover fiber art

People have always appreciated the appeal of fiber arts. Some of them even tried to reproduce the fiber-made artworks, yet not everyone possesses the skill and patience to craft these gorgeous pieces. It hasn’t always been seen as an art. Mothers had to stitch clothing for their children and other family members. In time, they specialized in various techniques and fiber art was born. Today we can admire gorgeous artworks displayed in art galleries and even in some people’s houses.


A long stitching tradition

In current days, esthetic value exceeds the utility of fiber and fiber products. Weavers make their art and craft known and felting, knitting, braiding, filling and plaiting gain in popularity each day. Three basic weaves are used to obtain the woven products: twill, satin weave and plain weave. But regardless of what warp is used and no matter which technique is utilized to obtain the artwork, the truth is that fiber art does not cease to surprise us.

From American colonies to China, people have made fiber arts for centuries. Looms and power looms have played a major part – these devices allow the crafter to interlace two sets of threads at the right angles and obtain perfectly symmetrical fiber arts. Although weaving is usually summarized as a repetition of shedding, picking and beating-up the warp, there should not be neglected the skill, vision and talent of the weaver, either.

whaton gallery

Tapestries, crafted rugs, lace making, macramé and flocking are some forms of fiber art. If certain nationalities still take pride in them and display them in their homes, others expose them in art galleries and even turn their passion into profit. Fashion and Textile Museum, Tate Liverpool, Fashion Museum Bath, Laing Art Gallery and Time and Tide Museum are only some of the most notable places where you can admire the best of fiber art. Pay a visit to some of these museums and galleries and discover more interesting facts about the history of fiber art!

Why processing a business on mobile is a big and complicated deal

Although working on many projects and having many platforms and apps he and his team are taking care of and developing, David Azzato always says that processing businesses on mobile devices is the most complicated one. One of them is processing credit card on mobile phones which made him and his team look into the furthest and most hidden places of their creative minds in order to come up with some good ideas and better solutions.

Through his 15 years in this business David Azzato and his team have faced some serious issues. But they never gave up trying to make the best possible service for they costumers. "The negotiation part with other big players in the Credit Card and Bank world was quite difficult. It is because we had our ideas first, but some people in this business see only money as an important factor, so we had to spend a lot of time showing them why our ideas and solutions are good for both - us and them."

There are some quite big players who already play this game and they are quite good at it. So David Azzato and his team had to find ways to their costumers that already used other services. In order to make them do so, they had to offer much better rates and take lower fees. But it was ok with their policy - make the costumer satisfied.

Once you start you cannot stop

"For our credit card processing business we had to optimize our apps and the whole system to both phones and tablets because more and more people want the services to be available on both. There were a few problems we faced during that process, but we found a way and solution for each one of them. We knew then it was not over. The Credit Card and money business is changing from day to day, so we always need to keep in track and do certain steps to protect our costumers and give them the highest safety they can get in this business."

David Azzato and his team take always great care about their costumers. You can often see them reply on questions they are asked on social media. It is good to see that someone in the todays world actually cares about their costumers and sees his job more as sharing his passion for something than delivering a product to others. That case is with David's chess portal and mobile app.

Other mobile businesses

It is always interesting to talk about David Azzato's love and passion for chess. He started the business because he wanted to share his passion for chess with the world and to make as much people as possible to love chess like he does. His team and he decided then that it would be the best to use the internet for that, because so they would be able to reach a much bigger audience. The next step they made is to design their portal and the chess game, which is by the way currently the number one chess app in Google Play Store. After considering a whole bunch of ideas everyone of them had and spending a lot of time integrating them into their solutions they finaly made it. The portal and the game were ready for use.

The chess portal started quite good. It had features other chess portals had not. Like playing with the computer and with other people in real time. But the game had mediocre success at the beginning. Until someone from the team had a new idea.

"The new ideas for products we already placed on the marked usually come to us after few months or even a year, because we already give our best and don't leave any space for improvements. This time I think we rushed everything a little bit, especially me, because I was so excited about the chess world. But this idea found a way to our team at the end and this change made everything different. The app became popular in a very short amount of time and is still the most downloaded chess app on the Google Play Store."

David and his team, like we said earlier in this text, never stop developing a product even if it is already on the market. That case was also with their chess world. The portal and the chess game have since then undergo quite a few creative and inovative changes. It made them even more popular. But was the goal of bringing chess closer to those who never played it achieved?

"We were happy more than ever whilst reading comments from people who played chess for the first time in their life on our platforms and loved it. It was our goal from the beginning and we made it. Every day there are new people contacting us through social media and letting us know how we changed their lifes, in small and big ways. It means so much to me to hear that people enjoy and develope a passion for something I am so passionate about my whole life."

David Azzato and his team have great intentions to work more on their mobile businesses and to create more stuff and interesting things for everyones pocket.

"Mobile phones offer such a big opportunity to be able to be with your costumers everytime and everywhere. We want to use that in the future and create more solutions and apps that will make the lifes of our costumers more easy, and their money more safe while spending or earning it on the internet. We never stop working on our Credit Card processing system, because it is a great deal to enable our costumers higher safety and wider options with their money on the internet."

We see David Azzato and his team in the future being a part of every aspect of our lifes. And we are happy about it because their solutions are the best you can find in every field.